Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Portraits of Life: Theresa Bunn

Theresa Bunn

Compiled by Staff

THERESA BUNN. Say her name.

Not trash. Not widgets. Not just a statistic. Not forgotten. No, not one of the 51.

Despite the way their killer discarded their breathless brutalized bodies in assorted alleys, vacant lots, abandoned buildings or set ablaze in garbage cans from Chicago’s South Side to the West Side, they are human. 

Not garbage.

Say their names. Look into their eyes. See their souls…

No matter how sordid the details of some of these victims’ past, they were flesh and blood, heart and soul, human. All 51.

Theresa Bunn, 21, is among the 51 women whose stories the “Unforgotten” project sought to tell. On Nov. 12, 2007, she was found strangled to death in a trash bin near the South Side’s Washington Park, and strangled, her body nude and badly burned.

Theresa’s family is among those we attempted unsuccessfully to reach during our project. What we can tell you about Theresa is that she was someone’s sister, someone’s daughter and was looking forward to the birth of her first child and becoming a mother. She was loved, she is missed, and she is not forgotten.